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    TTT will now be online for the whole duration of the weekend instead of only Fridays as a separate server for those who wanna relax with friends instead on the SWRP server. Feel free to join anytime when you see other peepz on or wanna play something with friends or regiment or whatnot.

    Due to not many players joining on set times weekly (Dropped players every week), I will not longer be posting announcements every week (as you all probably have noticed) however, I will still post set dates and times if someone is interested in getting together on a different gamemode.
    Just ask me by:
    1. Setting up a conversation with me (Click on my name and start conversation)
    2. Say a date and time you want me to set (Must be on weekends of course, preferably after 3rd event though not restricted to that)
    3. If you want, you can stay anonymous, just mention that in the chat with me
    4. If there are any problems or concerns, I will simply reply these
    and thats it!
    This will not guarantee a high player count in the server at that specific time however, please do note that the postings on a specific time and date will be because someone in the community expresses interest in playing TTT, not myself.

    Also, you do not have to message me to play the server of course, it'll be open for the whole weekend, so you can set up something private with your friends.

    Thanks in advance to Spooks who is managing the server and hosting it every weekend!

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