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    Steam Name:
    Jelly Sandwich

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    Explain how active you will be
    Very active, I am on everyday

    How are you going to make a change to our Team speak?
    If there are no ts admins on or others are already doing something I would be able to help out and let the more experienced admins worry about other problems

    Staff Experience I have:
    I am currently a mod for gateway

    How would you deal with someone who is being bullied on TS3?
    I would bring the gateway gamer to a channel with no one in it and ask what happened a e.g: what they said or did, why they might have said it.After talking with the victim i would go to the channel where the problem happened and talk to the bully about what and why they did what they did.After talking with both sides i would have the bully and bullied players make up, and if everything is cool i would give the bully a verbal warning and let them resume what they were doing, but if the bully doesn't sort it out and make up the punishment would be worse.

    Explain some of the administrative features of TS3 and when they're used
    Giving a channel to a donator or a staff member.
    Giving tags to people that need them or need them taken away.
    Giving new comers a guest tag and if they haven’t used ts before, showing them somethings they can and can’t do.

    Why I should be chosen?
    I should be chosen because I can help take away any pressure that current TS admins might have, or just taking the little jobs so more experienced admins can take care of bigger problems or not have to worry about doing everything like tags, channels or new comers.

    Make a situation for a user breaking a rule, Then explain how you will fix this.

    A user has begun to join random channels with an inappropriate and offensive avatar as well as swearing and using rascal slurs to insult people.

    After being told about this person I would search around TS to find him/her after finding him I would move to their channel and have a talk about his avatar and language towards other players, later asking if he could remove his avatar or kick him if he does not cooperate or if he starts using racial slurs towards me out of hostility.But if he cooperates I would move him to my channel and talk to him about what you can and can’t do and that you can not have an avatar that is not TS friendly and doesn’t follow the rules, and secondly that he can not use any racist or discriminatory words.If he does what he is told I will give him a verbal warning, but if he carries on i will give him a kick for inappropriate language and a offensive avatar.If he comes back and continues I will ban him for a day to let him rethink his actions
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    Please don't take my pleasure away

    Overall, idk what shen's final plan is but like currently we have 5 TS3 Admins and as some will know TS admins don't really do much other than the occasional poke for a certain tag or a channel needing to be created and most of the big stuff isn't apart of our power as we are basically there to change tags and create channels as shen is there to do the big stuff like. Unless Shen wants another one this will probably be put on hold until the need for another one arises. Good luck though @Shenpai
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    I'll just leave this open for awhile

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