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    Steam Name: [GG] Dempsey

    Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DayZ-MS/

    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61334793

    Age: 17

    Explain how active you will be: Very active, I'm on all day everyday except Wednesday from 4pm-10pm.

    How are you going to make a change to our Teamspeak? I can take some of the pressure off the other TS Admins and if the more experienced TS Admins aren't available to help out or are away then I can be there to step in and help out the users with whatever they need.

    Staff Experience I have: Currently SNR Mod on Gateway, former Admin on another server (Let's not talk bout that)

    How would you deal with someone who is being bullied on TS3? I would talk to the user and figure out what the bully said and see what they did to cause the bullied user to feel upset, I would then move to the channel that the said bully was in and I would talk to him/her about his behaviour and how it is unacceptable in this community and that we all want to have fun and be treated with respect. I would then tell him/her they need to apologise to the user so I would bring them to the channel the user is in and then would dish out an appropriate punishment, the severity would depend on the user and if they forgive the bully and everything is fine, punishment would range from verbal warning to a ban.

    Explain some of the administrative features of TS3 and when they're used
    1) Creating a new channel/moving channel. Should only be used when a user has donated to the server (With proof) and requests their own channel or when a member of the staff team has been promoted and I need to move their channel.

    2) Giving user(s) their tags. Only used when someone joins a regiment or joins the server for the first time, or when a member of staff needs their Staff tags updated.
    3) When a new user joins the Teamspeak they won't be able to see any other users in the channel until given the 'Guest' tag.

    Why I should be chosen? (we recommend around 50 words). I believe I should be chosen because it would put me in a position to help the other TS Admins and help out any users who need tags, channels or just need help because they are confused, I have the experience in Gateway (As you know) and I believe I can transfer it over into TS to make me a more experienced and helpful staff member.

    Make a situation for a user breaking a rule, Then explain how you will fix this. [THE MORE DETAIL, THE BETTER THE APPLICATION] A random user was sending out dodgy links, trying to bait other users into clicking on the links. I would bring the user to my channel and tell them that it's against one of the rules on TS to send out dodgy links that may contain viruses, porn or extremely graphic gore and then tell them possible consequences that may occur to other users (eg Might be scarred due to the graphic content, might get a virus that manages to access confidential information). I would then give them a verbal warning to stop and tell him if he does it again he will receive a ban (2 hours), I would then notify other TS Admins of what he has done in case he does it again and I am not there to deal with it, if he continues to send dodgy links I would ban him for two hours.
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    Well, I might as well comment, I like the cut of your jib sonny Jim you do really well in game so I have to believe that you will work just as hard outside in ts with me and the rest of the team. +1
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    +1 After beginning to talk to Dempsey a lot more recently he has proven to me that he is a mature kind person. His status already as a senior moderator also proves that he has experience in situations and knows how to handle them correctly, i think that this will assist him in TS Admin so there is no real reason why he shouldn't get it.

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