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    Your In game name:

    Old Forum Account

    Your steam id:
    Who banned you:

    A quick summary will be first and a larger one will be in the spoiler bellow:
    The short two sentence version is that I was a staff member who resigned in a pretty bad way who later went on to go on a massive call out spree eventually ending in me being banned. I would later go on to doing some things that would breach people's privacy on the server as well as in a sense edging people to add the owners family.

    Around January-February 2017, I would resign from Gateway Gaming's event staff team in a /blaze/ of glory by posting a video trying to start "shit" with another staff member called "Monk" this would escalate to a twitch raid of sorts where accusations of paedophilia would be made towards the staff member as well as shots at other staff members as well. Fast forward a couple weeks or months and the House Dronkey steam group would be created in which I would release private information (The Facebook) of Stooge as well as saying some incredibly dumb shit about Stooge and his friends.

    There was also an incident in which I would order pizza to Stooges house (Ending in him getting free pizza). This was a clear breach of privacy in which I would interfere with sleep as well as causing a nuisance to Stooge himself, this was the final straw All these things combined eventually would eventually get me community banned from Gateway as a whole, it would be here I would be infuriated and begin to continue the ‘strikes’ and ultimately make things worse.

    Reason why I should get unbanned:
    When we get down to the to main reason why I want to get unbanned is that I want to reconnect with people and eventually prove my worth on this server again. The mistakes I made have had a someone significant effect on Stooge's family life during the whole ordeal. I personally believe my ban should be lifted due to the amending I have made with Stooge (In some way) by having a sort of peace talk with him during the height of the 'House Dronkey' attacks and apologising for the things I had done to him, as well as being able to coexist with him on his own servers (ARK Server, this was a while back).

    I Feel like the contribution I made to the server whilst I was here was up there as I really cared for the server as a whole back then. I understand the faults I have made in the time period I have had away from this community and I’m deeply sorry to anyone I could have or have offended during my period of idiocy.

    Nearly two years have passed since I left/was permanently banned and in these two years I have been able mature. I’ve been able to think upon the actions that I’ve inflicted unto others within this community, although admittedly most of them have left, moved on or forgotten all about me. I’ve come along way in my own personal development and have been able to move on from the toxic and childish behaviour I once had.I ask that you give me the chance to prove myself to the community so that I can be apart of something I once held close to me, I ask that you give me the chance to show that I have matured and that I’m willing to become a member of Gateway Gaming once again.

    Although my actions were mainly towards Monk and Stooge, I would like to take the opportunity of this appeal to apologise to any people I may have offended during this process.
    Stooge, I understand that you offered me this same opportunity not too long ago, back then I wasn’t ready to come back, although I made it seem like I was, I really wasn’t. I still held a semi grudge against you, despite the “peace treaty”, I can safely say that the grudge is gone and that I truly, wholeheartedly want to comeback to Gateway and be apart of the community once more.
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    Since everyone's just reading this and not commenting I'm gonna put my opinion. Personally what you did Tander was something taken to the absolute extremes over a game. The comments towards Monk and Stooge were all over the place and although you've been forgiven multiple times you still continued the harassment. I believe you should be unbanned I really do but I reckon this one is up to Stooge on whether he wants to forgive you. You've directly attacked the man for so long I believe he is owed the right to decide your fate. Good luck Tander, I hope you have matured as a person since we last talked and you present yourself as a new person if you eventually come back to the community.
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    I'm not really much of a person who sticks around on Gateway, my opinion wouldn't really count but anyway. I do believe in second chances (Idk how many chances he has been given btw) But in the end I think it should be left up to Stooge, like Remi said. I have been in the same spot as Stooge. Someone did attack my identity and it ended badly for the other person. As for Monk being called (A name I prefer not to say here) that shouldn't really be said at all. I believe Monk should also have his say as well. But if you truly believe you think you have changed than I will back your corner champ. For a mutual arrangement, I have seen a previous person been banned and their appeal was accepted and he was kept on a thin piece of string, maybe that is something that could be done with Tander. Good luck. +1

    P.S My opinion may change based on what evidence is brought up
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    Alright before anyone else comments "Its stooges choice" I just messaged Stooge and he replied "I told him it’s not my decision to unban him (Tander) anymore"

    As for my thoughts, I don't think you should be unbanned mainly because in the past you have been the person I point to and say that we'd never unban someone who has wronged the community like this guy. You are a criteria that if someone qualified for means they shouldn't be unbanned.

    -1 but I would like to say well done on the effort put forward in this unban appeal.
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  5. Dust

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    Just from reading what you have done in the past seems pretty out there to me.

    Im not sure what would bring you to do such a thing but it just seems pretty stupid as a whole and would not want that to happen again to anyone here, especially to that extent.

    As you have put a lot of effort into the application itself, and pretty truthful and straightfoward with what you did, To me that dosen't cover the fact of what you have done, Im not even sure why you would want to come back here after that also, just seems rather odd to me.

    Im usually pretty easy to give people another chance, but this just seems way to much and honestly I don't think the best place would be here for you and this history you have, I have seen it before while being staff on other servers and people that have done what you did and want to come back, only wish to cause trouble in my experience.

    Im going to be sticking to a -1.
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  6. Magnus

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    From what I remember of my interactions with Tander on the faithful venator_v3 is that he was a pretty good guy.

    Don't see how he can't have the chance to be unbanned, especially with the return of members like Clint who did worse imo.

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    Stooge and Monk were the ones majorly affected by this incident. Monk is gone now and Stooge has forgiven him and offered him a place back here in the past, which was declined by Tander due to him still holding a small grudge against Stooge still. The fact that Stooge offered him the chance to come back before and Tander declining shows to me some maturity on Tander's side as he most likely would cause the community more harm than good at the time.

    I see it as a good thing that he has made an appeal rather than asking Stooge directly that he is 'ready' to rejoin the community and ask for a unban, but instead telling the whole story to everyone and asking for community forgiveness regardless of how the damage was directed towards Stooge and Monk and not the community.

    I believe that Tander truly wishes to come back with good intentions and as Shenpai has mentioned, Stooge will pass this appeal to us, the community instead of himself making the decision.
    Whilst true that he has committed some outrageous acts, the one whom was affected most, Stooge has forgiven him and as I mentioned before, Monk is gone now.

    If he is to be unbanned, I'm sure that the staff team will be able to deal with Tander if he commits another act against the rules, but regardless of the extra work that rises from Tander's unban should it occur, I really do believe that he deserves another chance in this community.

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    Oh dear...

    From what I’ve seen, this was absolutely disgusting behaviour displayed toward Stooge and Monk. It’s pretty low man and a crazy breach of privacy. Being said, this was almost two years ago and a lot can happen in that time. The fact that you’ve written a ban appeal such as that shows great maturity to me and that you really have matured over your ban. However, I don’t think anyone will want a person with a toxic attitude such as the one you displayed within the Gateway community.

    This happened way before I joined and this is the first I’ve heard of it. As such, I’m going to give you the benefit of doubt and say that you have actually matured over your ban to reflect on and change your actions. As I said beforehand, the response you provided showed great maturity to me and thus, I’ll be granting a +1. Good luck mate.
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    I've known Tander since I first joined Gateway we severed in the same regiment when I first joined after that we became good mates and talked quite often. Tander didn't have any right to do the things he did to both Monk and Stooge, but I've still kept in touch with him throughout most of 2017-18. From personal experience throughout the years He's matured quite a lot since the incidents where he made the accusations against Monk and Stooge.

    At the end of the day he's changed and honestly he should be unbanned, at the end of the day Gateway prides themselves on giving second chances might as well give Tander one. +1
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    I am Biased, I knew Tander before he became a potato and have interacted with him since, I am not going to give this application a rating as him being back on the server won’t affect me a whole lot instead I will give people who have either never met or only ever seen one side of Tander the chance to hear my experiences with him.

    I guess I met Chicken Tanders somewhere on colossal but my first memories of actual meaningful interactions with him were in the founding days of the original 91st Recon, in the beginning it was Shepard, Tander, [email protected], Bean, Myself and then later Demo joined the fray. Tander was a decent team mate, whilst he and [email protected] were both a little less serious than the rest of us that didn't mean he was any less dedicated to the reg or the server, he actually encouraged myself and bean to apply for mod as we had both been staff back at colossal before the great usurpation of the throne in early 2016 by Stooge. These memories are the main reason I can honestly say that Tander is not a bad dude, he is clearly a retard but we don’t discriminate based on disabilities here in Australia (well at least openly.)

    Time passed and as most relationships with separation came a deterioration of both our friendship and the general sense of comradery that we had once shared. My interactions with Tander and his friends became more frequent and less friendly around this time as at this point I was helping Rupert run the GaW server (RIP Sweet Potato) where Tander was a member of the largest donator guild on the server “House Baratheon” a group of pseudo mingey space knights. The Baratheons as a whole received multiple bans (none permanent as Rupert was Christian and they are all about forgiveness or some shit) as well as countless warnings during this time.

    I’m not sure when the turning point was for Tander but eventually he seemed to just stopped giving a crap about what people thought about him and did what he wanted. It started with small bits of mingey behaviour stuff like climb swep abuse or just being a doodle to the general population of the server but quickly progressed to the point where he decided resigning and starting shit with a better-established member of the community / staff team was a top-notch idea. That in itself wasn’t great and left a bad taste in a lot of community member’s mouths furthermore if he hadn’t already resigned he would have most likely been demoted, punished severely or have had his staff rank removed completely. I’m honestly not sure If he got triggered that Stooge basically beat him with a tire iron after he went after Monk or what but he quickly found his next and possibly greatest target his magnum opus if you will, the big man in charge. I swear he must have dedicated a good couple of hours coming up with a plan of attack for Stooge because when he went at him he went pretty darn hard. In the space of a week stooge had his Facebook, address and place of employment all released (Facebook was the only widespread one), Tander proceeded to encourage people to add his sister, both parents and other family members Facebook accounts as well as ordering multiple Pizzas to his place of residence which is quite the invasion of privacy and not chill in any way shape or form. Tander was subsequently community banned.

    I don’t think it would be possible to argue that Tander shouldn’t have been banned in the first place as only a mental case would think what he did was socially acceptable but that didn’t mean I felt 100% happy about the outcome at the time either, never the less we all moved on. A couple months later and I was the “manager” of the TTT server, I had access to the server’s files and had put in a script to send notifications to a separate google account I had created so I could figure out if anyone was actually using the server when I wasn’t on. One day I saw that there were 6 or 7 people on which was a bit weird at the time as most the TTT staff had gone AWOL (RIP Emma) or just couldn’t be fucked getting on, I decided to have a quick squiz and I was a little bit surprised by what I saw it was a rather large group of ex GG players including Freazer and Tander. Whilst some of them had perma bans from the CW server only Tander had been community banned so I was forced to perma ban a man with the power he had encouraged me to go out and get. Frankly I felt conflicted at the time, I still feel like it was the right choice to ban him on the TTT as to my knowledge he had yet to apologise but once again that didn’t mean I felt 100% happy about the outcome either.

    For a long time that seemed like the end of Tander and I’s story, his community ban had been once again reaffirmed and the TTT server had died completely as a consequence (Freazer and friends who may have been semi active players didn’t come back to the server after that.) That was until late 2017 when I was messing around on a HL2RP server called ‘TerraNova’ I guess using my real name as my RP name gave me away as in the OOC chat I saw a character I had never met before calling out my name like we had met before, as you would have guessed that guy was Tander. I didn’t ask him how he had found the server (It was quite small for a HL2RP server) but I decided that since it wasn’t Gateway there was no reason for me to be hostile towards him, we ended up talking and there he was the same guy who let me into 91st on day 1 of Gateway. It took me a couple days but I decided to accept the Steam Friend request he had sent me and we continued to play, unluckily for us the server very quickly died completely and we lost touch again.

    That brings me to two weeks ago, I had just re-joined the server and like a sign from our saviour Gabe Newall a few days later Tander put up his ban appeal. As soon as I noticed it I had a knee jerk reaction to -1 the appeal after all he did deserve to be banned which he clearly agrees with but I decided to stew on it and post my opinion at a later date, time passed and inevitably I forgot about it. That brings me to a few hours ago, I got a message from a steam account I haven’t seen active in a good 12 months, the message was not one of a malevolent nature but one based out of necessity and regret. I have never held a grudge against Tander, I think he like myself had and potentially still has some problems with aggression but more specially lashing out defensively when they feel they have been backed up into a corner.

    Twenty Two months ago Tander should have been banned, he did something bad but I don’t believe anyone who isn’t a perfect saint can’t see why he did what he did, we all sometimes feel like doing something of the same magnitude as what Tander did the only difference is we have the good sense to stop ourselves. So I leave you all with this question, If you can’t answer in the affirmative then you have some thinking to do before you reject him completely.

    “Was Tander a Malicious Player?”​
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    I asked my parents and other relatives you caused havoc to. They all think your an autistic fuckwit, but they dont care if I let you back in the server. I'll talk to other people, see what they have to say.
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