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    Steam Name: Storm Lily

    Link to Steam Profile:

    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:107857753

    Age: 17, 18 in July

    Explain how active you will be. Everyday at night time from 3-11pm

    How are you going to make a change to our Teamspeak?
    Just to help out others whenever I can when other teamspeak admins are busy with others

    Staff Experience I have:
    Previously been a moderator on the server, learnt my lesson and want to be useful again, I also run a small game which I currently have WIP of

    How would you deal with someone who is being bullied on TS3?
    Speak to the person who is dealing with the bullying, then speak to the bully about the situation. Then get them both in a locked/private channel and speak to them both, telling them to stay away from each other for a while so the steam dies off. If its brought up again it'll result in a warning

    Explain some of the administrative features of TS3 and when they're used

    Tags: Giving special tags to people to show what they are ingame Garry's Mod, aswell as specially donated tags.

    Kick: Used for kicking certain people out of a channel when not wanted in the channel or did not ask PTE or kicked from the server due to doing something wrong

    Ban: Used for whenever the kick does not work, the user returns and does the same thing what they got kicked for, depending on what they have been doing its a 1-3 day ban

    Moving Users: Moving users into a channel gives you the power to remove people from a channel without kicking them, it also gives the chance to talk to them in a different channel away from others

    Removing User Avatars: Removes inappropriate pictures/gifs from a users profile

    Why I should be chosen? (we recommend around 50 words).
    After being kicked out from the staff team ingame, I felt myself not wanting to be on the server anymore due to that reason of my recent attitude towards players and staff members alike. I wish to try to prove myself as not a ex-staff member who was kicked out due to bad behaviour and be useful and helpful again

    Make a situation for a user breaking a rule, Then explain how you will fix this.

    A player is abusing a tag to go into different channels and annoy people, a user has come forward to me due to other admins being busy at the time. Depending if the certain person does not play the server anymore, I would remove the tag from them. However, if it is a CRC tag, I would speak to Ulrik about it, let him speak to the person. If its a tag that gives them that power but it is unknown what tag it is, I would ask other TS admins (Like Nails, Gruff, Shenpai) to speak to the big boys on which tags have them powers.
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    You abused as a staff member, you'd probably abuse as a TS Admin as well.
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  3. Lupus

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    Your attitude towards your higher ups is disgusting and your not shy from abusing powers towards your own benefit.

    Since leaving staff I’ve had to pull you up about your attitude towards myself twice.
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  4. Shenpai

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    Sorry that your app was denied by someone that isn't even apart of the teamspeak staff team.

    I'd like to speak with you one on one soon to discuss why you want the position.

    For now neutral.
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  5. Sparks

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    From what I've seen from Storm of when she was a mod. She performed and carried out her duty to the best of her abilities. She was barely biased in her approaches to the situations that were dealt with, while for the most keeping a positive attitude. There were a few times where she showed her emotions and got annoyed with people. However she often removed herself from the situation before making things worse.

    I don't really know how to respond to this. I can guarantee, that every person that has been a staff member has abused their power in one way or another. I did, you did, everyone did. To say otherwise, you're lying to yourself

    Fuck yeah there would be attitude. I'd be salty as fuck. You would to if you were forcibly removed from staff for being upset and saying something (that even the higher ups use frequently) in the heat of the moment. What benefit could she have gained as a mod due to power abuse? (This is rhetorical, there is none). I don't know what 'attitude' she presented towards you, but me thinks there would be an explanation why somewhere

    Soo. Yeah. I can't honestly say what storm would be like as a TS Admin (can't see the future), but i believe she would do nothing but the best.
    +1 from me. Good luck.

    On a side note. There needs to be an attitude check amongst the staff.
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  6. Ajax

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    Most people also whilst abusing their staff power, don't get kicked out of the staff team as a result in conglomeration with other things of course, however, that is not the point we are here to support or argue.

    Since being removed from the staff team, I've only heard negative comments from others about your attitude and conduct, possibly as a result of your removal from the staff team, maybe not. But then again I've heard no great endorsements of your behaviour prior to your removal. So ultimately here's the question I pose:

    You've abused before, as pointed out, so do many. But you received 3 strikes in a month, we all know that your removal wasn't the result of a single backhanded comment made 'in the heat of the moment'. You were only recently removed and from what I gather from people discussing the issue, the problem hasn't fixed, only sowed the seeds for future issues.

    In Synopsis from what I've gathered, you've showed no change since you've been removed and if anything got worse, I'd say give it time and give us some collateral - show us that you have changed and you are worthy of this role, because at the moment, I don't feel you are. -1
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  7. Hsabirot

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    Mar 21, 2018
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    Sorry but its a -1 from me :c

    I think you should wait a while before applying for another staff position as you did get demoted. This won’t work in your favour as people will see you as someone who abused their powers and are looking to gain power in another way.

    Best of luck
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  8. Beatroot

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    Mar 13, 2017
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    Could not think of a more suitable candidate for the given role. Good luck!
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  9. Janda

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    Seems pretty sincere about what recently happened. She wouldn't have applied for the position if she felt she hadn't changed. She was demoted for a reason and I feel like she should be given another shot to prove her worth in a different position. I mean she makes an effort to interact with most on TS. I say give her a shot, +1
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  10. Cuffs

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    Apr 13, 2017
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    +1... "Community Of Second Chances"

    What do you lose from giving it to her, if she abuses, just remove it again FOR GOOD.
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