Withdrawn Storm/Breaker's CRC Application

Discussion in 'Resolved Applications' started by Storm, May 3, 2018.

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    In game name: Chief Petty Officer Breaker / LCP 3298 Thanatos

    Teamspeak Name: Storm

    How long have you been a part of Gateway?: About a year and a half

    Why do you wish to be a part of the CRC?: I love giving new suggestions and discussing general topics with veterans of the community, because I know that everyone will most likely relate to the things that I can discuss or understand which path I am coming from when I discuss them. Throughout my time in the community, I have seen plenty of opportunities to improve the server, such as addons and changes.

    What sets you apart from other Staff candidates?: While I understand that there are other experienced members like myself, and that they are all qualified for the role. What sets me apart is my experience with roles like this in the past, and have gained lots of knowledge and techniques on how to approach different point of views. The main thing setting me apart is the fact that when a suggestion is made, I can quickly analyse the applications and limitations that may affect the play or moderation style of the server.

    Do you feel that you are capable of having mature, respectful conversations with those who may completely disagree with your opinion?: Yes, I am the type of person who can cop it on the chin if it's an insult, but if someone is purposefully trying to cause trouble, then that's when I will report it to a staff member that can deal with it. If people completely disagree with me, I can discuss with them benefits that will impact on them and others in the community, I can also negotiate alternate options for them that fit the criteria of that certain suggestion.

    How will you represent the players?: I'll represent all members of the community equal to me when we are discussing a suggestion ingame or in teamspeak. Even if they are a CT and i'm a much higher rank than them, I will take criticism, suggestions and other things maturely and respectfully and will not retaliate in any sort of negative way unless it is purely to start trouble, then I will report it to a moderator/admin.
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    +1, Don't know the guy but seems to be enthusiastic about contributing towards the community.
    Best of Luck

    The best jajabinks, C-Little
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