Revival of Pirate Commander

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    Republic Naval Zulu Detachment

    Clearance: 3+

    Lethal Action Report

    Begin Report....

    A rotation ago, we assault several pirate held positions on the planet of [CLASSIFIED]. I myself was personally operating as a close air support pilot during the operation.

    After we located 2 pirate HVTs, they tried to escape in an air speed. I successfully disabled their craft and they crash landed. Both HVTs ran off. One was captured while the other was K.I.A due to resisting arrest and firing on death. It was death by proton torpedo.

    The Pirate Commander whom was captured, managed to escape captivity. Myself noticing the escaped prisoner immediately ran to the main hanger as I would assume they would try and make an escape. When I arrived in the main hanger via side door, the prisoner had an engineer at blaster point, marching him to a LAAT.

    Using my personal judgement, I took my DC-15X and fired 1 times round into his chest, neutralising the threat.

    I kicked his weapon away and called for medics.

    I administered basic medical aid with 2 first aid kits I had on my belt. He was injected with needles to stabilise his heart rate. A Republic Commando referred to as 'Crow' arrived on scene and assisted In the medical stabilisation of the patient.

    Due to the Naval Medical Staff being preoccupied, I took an emergency medical stretcher from the LAAT the prisoner tried to escape in and loaded him onto it. With assistance from a Jedi Padawan known as 'Lunar' we arrived in the Med bay and placed the prisoner in an intensive care unit.

    The three medical personnel began operating on the prisoner.

    The medicals managed to stabilise the prisoner's condition. Several hours again he was conscious. The prisoner was later transferred back into Coruscant Guard custody.


    End Report....
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    Hate to be that guy but I was the pirate commander, they guy that died was my 2IC, he was only a Major in the Pirate Army.

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