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    This is an introduction to the Paradox Gaming CS:GO team. For more information on Paradox Gaming Click here

    Our CS:GO Team have been around for almost 6 months, we have numerous titles and we're always looking to become better players and we're able to do that with the help of our two sponsors.

    Gateway Gaming
    NexusLabs Web Design

    Paradox Gaming Steam Group

    Paradox Gaming

    -IGL- deMo-
    -Awp- Riko
    -Entry- RekonZ
    -Support- Kaus
    -Float- JDN

    -Coach/sub- hewZ
    -Sub- 2D


    ESEA Open season 23 - Finals

    ROG masters - 3rd Group stage

    Dream Hack Qual - Top 16

    CGA S9 - Top 20

    Current Competitions

    CGA S10 - 7th (6-2)
    ESEA S24 - 5th (8-3)

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