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    In game name: Otis/4842.

    Teamspeak Name: Otis.

    What rank in staff do you hold?: Event Master.

    How long have you been a part of Gateway?: Not entirely sure, probably around 3-4 months.

    Why do you wish to be a part of the CRC?: Like most people, I wish to add my voice to the community and bring a positive impact towards the server and it’s players. During my earlier times, I would see an issue and think “well this other server doesn’t have that, I’ll go play there” but I’ve come to realise that instead of quitting the server from an issue, I can instead voice it towards the community and make the server even better.

    What sets you apart from other Staff candidates?: I am able to hold a non bias position towards most issues and conflicting opinions towards my own. I am of the opinion regarding freedom of speach, we are all equal and every opinion is valued, no matter how much you personally disagree.

    Do you feel that you are capable of having mature, respectful conversations with those who may completely disagree with your opinion?: Yes as I stated above, I am able to hold a non bias view towards others and having an argument because you do not agree with others is a very petty thing to do.

    How will you represent the players?: I spend most of my time talking and generally being around non staff members and I am able to grab a feel for what they want towards changes. Being an EM, I try to shape my events to suit all players and give everyone a purpose, which I can reflect as a CRC.

    Do you understand that Staff CRC does not give you a pardon from any Staff responsibilities?: Yes I fully understand I must still attend my staff responsibilities.

    Please leave feedback in as much details as possible, thank you.
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