New time trial rules

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    The time trial rules
    4 people (no more, no less)
    Primary Weapons only (DC-15s, DC-15a / No Westar-75 or DC-17m)
    No explosives
    If you are RC you will have to be the Team 1 or Team 2 jobs
    150 Droids - T21's - Very good proficiency
    Medics are optional
    Time starts when the door opens - Time stops when all troopers reach the end
    I will host the time trials on MON/ WED/ FRI after third event
    (You can request if you want it done earlier)
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    I'd advise no medics since it's an unfair advantage and creates the only inconsistency.

    Also this should be in the general discussion (out of character) section of the clone ears forum
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