Naval Clearence Level 4: Watcher's Disappearance...

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    -Accessing Navy Database-

    -Accessing emergency logs-

    -Accessing logs "Watcher's Emergency Transmission"-

    Emergency Long Range Comms [EC]:(Broadcasting on all republic frequencies) To anyone who can receive this transmission. This is Naval Junior Crewman Watcher, I am currently stuck on someplace, I do not know where this is... my navigational systems are broken. I will not be able to re-establish a connection with the Venator for now... I need to find a way back fast, but then again, they probably won't even notice that I am gone. Guess my first priority is to survive then...

    Background: Junior Crewman Watcher had left the Venator "P-003", on a mission to re-activate certain satalites and re-establish long-range communications between blockades. He took off in a small shuttle while the troopers were sent on a mission. Things were going well, until he was hit by an unknown blast from afar, disabling his engines, he drifted in space for a very long time, until he got caught by the gravitational pull of a planet in the unknown regions and crashed onto the surface.

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