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    Do you use Teamspeak and are you willing to get on it more?
    I am always on Teamspeak even when i'm not on the server.

    Do you enjoy helping other people?
    Yes of course i am always willing to provide assistance to anyone in need.

    Are you willing to test your stress?

    Do you have over 20 hours? If so, list your hours.
    I have 464 hours on Gateway Gaming, under the names of
    濁った水です, Murky and MurkyWater.

    Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations?
    I am always willing to learn and adapt to situations.

    Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?
    So far, no.


    Steam ID:

    Steam Profile Link:

    Current in game alias:
    Lieutenant Murky

    How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you):
    I would say around 6-7, i am also willing to get myself more known through the use of Teamspeak
    and through in-game means as well.

    How will you becoming a moderator impact on the community?
    Through joining CG/Shock/5th i have already been attempting to help the community
    however i believe that giving me moderator permissions will allow me to do this job
    in a more professional and overall better manner.

    Do you use our Teamspeak server often?
    Yes, i am constantly on Teamspeak, i might not be talking or i might be idle
    but i am always available is anyone needs to talk to me or converse with me.

    1. A user is RDMing and Insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?
    I would immediately !jailtp [user] and proceed to question the user about why they are
    RDMing and insulting other users. Once the user has explained their reason i would
    then proceed to explain to the user that he/she is going to be warned
    (!warn [user] {RDM, disrespecting players})
    If the user then continues this unacceptable behaviour regardless of what it may be i would
    proceed to !warn [user] {reason} again and if need be, i would proceed to
    !ban [user] {2d} {RDM, disrespecting players, failure to comply with staff} the user.​

    2. A group of users have confronted you and explain how another user was breaking some server rules earlier (RDMing and Climb Swep abusing). The users threaten that they want immediate action otherwise they will leave the server. What do you do?
    I would immediately !bring [user] the users separately to a secluded area and question them each
    according to the situation as well as asking the users to each tell me their side of the story.
    I would then request evidence such as recordings or other possible witnesses.
    After the users have provided their sides of the story and given evidence i would
    !return @/[user] putting them back to their positions before i brought them to me
    and !bring [user] the suspect to a secluded area also asking for the suspects side of the
    story and ask for any evidence of his innocence, using the information I've been given
    i would determine the users outcome of either:​
    -They are indeed the culprit and are breaking the server rules
    I would !bring [user] to the secluded area if they are not already there for what ever reason
    and explain that they will be warned > !warn [user] {reason} and that if they were to
    continue the unacceptable behaviour they would be receiving a ban >
    !ban [user] 1d {Repeatedly breaking server rules and failing to comply with staff}

    -The suspect is being framed
    I would !bring [user] the group of users attempting to frame the suspect and issue warnings >
    !warn [user] {Attempted framing of another player, Lying to staff} and i would proceed to ensure
    they are not attempting to frame another player by following and watching them for a period of time

    -Insufficient evidence was provided
    In this case I would !bring [user] the group of users and the suspect involved and i would give them verbal warnings explaining that insufficient evidence was provided.
    3. A user has threatened to Ddos and take down the server. What do you do?
    I would immediately permaban > !ban [user] 0 {Threatening to DDoS the server} any user threatening to DDoS the server and would report the incident to a senior member of staff as soon as possible.

    4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do?
    The first course of action i would take would be to determine whether the arguing is in RP
    or out of character. If the arguing was in character and was in fact RP i would let them continue
    however if the argument was taking place out of character i would !bring [user] both the users to
    a secluded area and i would ask that they stop arguing. I would then proceed to ask that they
    take the argument to anywhere but in-game and !return @/[user] the users to debrief and if
    they were to continue the argument or even start a new one in-game i would issue both of them
    a warning > !warn [user] {Failure to comply with staff, Fail RP}

    5. A CR has been complaining and wondering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He seems like a minge to you and you're not sure if he is really here to play. What do you do?
    I would first tell the cadet that i am going to get a trainer for him then proceed to ask
    in advert > /advert [Comms] SGT+ to the training room please < and ask the cadet to
    wait for a trainer to come and train him, if no trainer comes i would !goto [user] a user that
    is SGT+ and ask him to train the cadet and bring the SGT+ to the training room to train
    the cadet. While the trainer is training the cadet i would continue to watch the cadet as he
    is being trained making sure that i am clearly hidden or that the cadet does not notice me.​
    -Cadet is clearly here to minge and has no intent to RP
    In this circumstance i would attempt training the cadet my self and if the player is
    still not listening and is clearly minging i would !kick [user] {No intent to RP}

    -Cadet is not here to minge and is clearly new to SWRP or is genuinely mad that there is no one training him
    I would Continue to watch the cadet through the whole training once again ensuring
    that i am not spotted by the cadet making sure that this is in fact the case and would
    allow the cadet to be on his/her way once training is complete.

    Thank you for taking
    the time to read my mod app!

    I am always open to and always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback!
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  2. Dust

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    Jun 16, 2018
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    within 5th fleet I have seen you complain / sigh at being asked to do officer jobs like training, im not sure what your attitude would be like considering you want staff.

  3. Murky

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    Aug 9, 2017
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    Yes that is completely true I'm not going to deny that, however i hope you've also noticed that i still do it either way and also try my best when doing those officer jobs. You can ask Morpheus, I am sure he would agree with me.
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  4. Dust

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    Jun 16, 2018
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    the main issue with my comment is, if you are doing something you dont enjoy, if the same was to happen with staff a) I wouldnt want you complaining if i asked you to do something b) performance is effected because you are doing something you dont wish to.
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  5. Murky

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    Aug 9, 2017
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    I understand your concern (EDIT: I have decided to begin changing this general attitude i have towards work) but id just like to point out that i wouldn't have applied in the first place if i wasn't prepared and didn't want to do this, thanks for voicing your opinion.
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  6. PartAlien

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    Aug 13, 2018
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    Im Neutral, Leaning towards a +1, as stated by Dust you have sighed at doing normal officer jobs, sometimes actually making the person you train uncomfortable, you have a minged a little bit to but I think everyone should have a chance

    Edit: Changing to a +1, you have recently proved to me you have become a more mature person, you have some great personal positives and think you would make a great addition to the staff
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  7. Rein/Shockwave

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    +1 The whole "not wanting to do training" is fair to be honest, it is a game after all. Training removes the "fun" with in the game for the most part. Hence why people will just leave the server when the CO calls for a training session.

    If I recall he is a Officer in 5th Fleet a does the job correctly and hasn't done anything that makes me to throw myself off a cliff, Not naming the two but you know who you are.

    He looks like a chill guy and could take something serious when the time arises. I hope to know the man more, might join 5th Fleet just to do so. Regardless he's worth a shot.
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