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    General Information

    Name(s) in-game: Hound, Morpheus, Keelyvine Reus and Soundwave

    Hours played: 741.7 hours (on all names)

    Preferred roles: I am ready to go with the flow, whatever is needed I probably have already been

    Roleplay knowledge: Not to bad like maybe a good 7/10

    Lore knowledge: A solid 8/10

    Active days: Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Wednesday after 6, Thursday all day, Friday after 5:30, Saturday almost all day, Sunday, after 4 normally

    In your own words, please write up 5 different /advert *RP* or /advert *Speech* scenarios, along with the character you are currently portraying with said Advert RP: I am a CIS Admiral under in my base with Republic approaching
    • /advert *CIS* Alright take out any Republic forces, There is no room for failure.
    • /advert *RP* Check scanners and notices that the republic is pushing up way too fast *Speech* Blast *RP* Activates secret heavy unit drop pods and locks in coordinates.
    • /advert *RP* Notices all heavy units are gone *Speech* No this cannot be how could they possibly push past them Count Dooku assured me that they would be unstoppable.
    • /advert *Speech* This is going too I need to stop them now *RP* Activates reinforcement beacon for a muni to come and give fighter and orbital support *Speech* Haha hah they will have no chance of getting to me now.
    • /advert *RP* Notices that the Republic has destroyed the Muni and the support *Speech* blast why did I join the CIS these Republic are unstoppable *RP* Activates outpost heavy security and blast doors.


    Do you prefer using text speech for character-based roleplay, or do you prefer your microphone?
    I prefer to use my microphone and I am quite confident with voice acting but I am fine to use both in events as some type and some talk and sometimes you can't control life and you need to type.

    Extra Details

    I have been an EC for almost every em on this current team and I have some experience with being one the main reason for putting this in is to just go with the flow and follow the rules to help out around here.

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