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Discussion in 'Issues and Suggestions' started by Beatroot, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Greetings all.
    Now a handful of players have been having some trouble with the new base map that has been incorporated into the server, So I have decided to make a guide on how to fix common errors specifically saying you do not have this map/addon, or it is a duplicate etc. This fix is also a general fix for most Addons/Maps and should always be your first attempt when trying to fix maps/addons. More in-depth fixes may be required for certain things as Gmod is a rather glitchy game client side. Although it would be nice if everything would be simple as this fix it can be more to do with your personal circumstance or issues revolving around your pc etc. For example, I once could not connect to a server for 3 months because Gmod kept overloading my Ram when I wanted to join this specific server, although I could join any other server perfectly fine. So If this does not work or help for most add-ons etc then I am sorry and if possible try to contact me and I will work with you to try and fix it more in-depth.
    Now let's get on with the Tutorial.

    Step 1:
    Step one is rather simple, load up your Gmod, and navigate to the Addon section. Once there click on the specific addon type or type in the search bar for the specific addon causing issues. In this case, it is the Banakin map that we are basing on, Keep in mind that the map file is different from its appearing name. So when searching type in RP_Starwars and the map should appear. When you see the map hover over it and click Disable. Once disabled click on the prompt next too that which says Uninstall. That is step one completed. Here is a video too show you a visual representation:

    Step 2:
    After completing step one you are going to need to double check that the file itself has uninstalled. to do so follow these steps. First, open up your file explorer. Once opened you then want to navigate to your main file storage unit, for me, it is my "Local Disk: C". Within "Local Disk: C" open your "Program Files (x86)". Within "Program Files (x86)" navigate to your steam folder. Within your steam folder navigate to "steamapps". Within "steamapps" navigate to the file called "Common". Within the Common folder navigate to your "Garrysmod" Folder. Within the "Garrysmod" Folder navigate to the "garrysmod" folder once again (This time it will have a lower case g). Within the Dang "garrysmod" folder navigate to the "addons" folder. Now you are exactly where you need to be, within the "addons" folder if you are running windows you should have the option to search in the top right search bar. Note that will only search within the current file you are in, so go ahead and search for rp_starwars. If nothing comes up then you are in the clear and ready to complete the next step. However, if the file is there then simply delete it and close your file explorer. Here is a visual representation to assist you.

    Also if you are having trouble navigating through your directory here is a sequence to follow:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod

    Step 3:
    Step 3 is simple and you essentially just need to validate your game file.
    First thing is first, Open up your steam and goto the "Libary" tab. Once here Right click on "Garrys Mod" and click on "Properties". Within properties click on the "Local Files" tab and click on "Verify Integrity Of Game Files". It will then do exactly that and complete a quick process. Once finished it will prompt you to close the small tab. Go ahead and do that and close majority of programs etc.
    Here is a visual representation of how to do just that:

    Step 4:
    Simply Load up Garrys Mod and connect to the server. Redownload content or you can download the specific addon you removed, In this case here is a link to the map required

    That's it all done.
    This should work for the majority of addons as said earlier If you are still having trouble once again contact me and I will try my best to help you.

    I Hope this has helped you all.

    @Dust @Otis @Shenpai @s8ncaat
    (Can one of you please lock and sticky this thread within this section so the community can use it in future. Thank you)

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    Saves me having to individually reply to all the posts, good work Beatroot. 8)
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