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    Introduction of Character
    Name: Davos Seaworth

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight

    Nickname(s): N/A

    Birth Date: 07/17/ABY

    Status: Alive

    Species: Human

    Ethnicity: Qieg

    Affiliations/Organizations: Jedi Order

    Occupation: Jedi
    The Character’s Appearance
    General Appearance:
    The youngling is of a human decent, standing approx 4"1 though this number will gradually change with age, his weight being slightly over the average for his age. His head would bare luscious dark brown hair drooping down to his shoulders, his eyes being the colour of the ice lakes of hoth (Blue) an averaged sized nose with slightly oversized lips. His skin being of a pale tone would be blinding at first sight, especially in the daylight. A scar spanning from the underside of his wrist to his elbow joint.


    Weight: 65 Kilograms

    Scar spanning from the underside of his wrist to his elbow joint


    About the Character
    The personality of Davos is generally very bubbly and humble, he can be easily approached and will always stick around to talk your ear off.

    Least Favorites:
    Davos typically as most children of his age enjoyed playing, socialising and creating new things, his father served as a blacksmith like figure creating agricultural like tools for the farmers and people of his village so this is where is passion for creation originated from.

    Phobias - Davos since a young age has grown an overwhelming phobia for spiders, it started whilst he was playing with his dads tools in his storage hut, he loved searching through the old dusty storage crates that his grandfather and father before him had once used, upon reaching into a small green ammo container he'd soon come to realise what a mistake it was, he was greeted but the biggest Lan Barrell spider he'd ever laid his eyes on, with a quick jump to his feet he'd leave the storage hut screaming and crying.

    Fears - He always had a fear for his uncle on his mothers side, he'd always consider him a very "evil" figure and really didn't enjoy spending time with him, he would always avoid this figure... I wonder why ?

    He has a habit of biting his nails when he is anxious, typically when meeting people he is unsure about the instinct will kick in.

    Whilst Davos really never got his head around the books and learning side of things he clearly made up in the hands on section of his short life, he'd come to grow a very large passion for creating things in his dads workshop and hoped to be just like him one day, wouldn't that make him proud...

    Best Qualities:
    (Describe your character’s best qualities.)
    Davos hasn't really developed very many Qualities as of yet but he still has a long journey ahead of him, what will life in the jedi order bring him ?

    Worst Qualities:
    Davos habits are definitely his worst qualities they are things that tend to take over his emotions and are a big controller of his life.

    Being raised on a the planet of Lan Barrell he was forced in to the native religion of Qieg and this is where most of his Ethnics come from, although he might not agree with them they have been engraved in his person since a small age, Davos has very basic morals, he is kind to those who do the same.

    Goals - Davos hopes to fore fill his dream of Mastering the force within the Jedi order, he doesn't know how long it will take or how he will accomplish it but he hope he will figure it out in the journey he calls life.
    Motivations - Davos' parents play a big role in his Motivations, there is nothing he wants more then to make his parents proud
    Dreams - To find that special someone that he will settle down with, this is Davos' ultimate goal
    The Character’s Relationship With Others

    Davos hasn't yet developed a reputation


    His Uncle - His name will never be spoken but this figure will always haunt the young jedi, the things he has done to his family and people will never be forgotten.

    The Character’s Abilities
    Jedi?: Yes

    If Yes, Rank?:

    Color of Lightsaber:
    Blue common training sabre

    Under the strict supervision of his newly appointed Master Kit Fisto Davos is studdying in the fighting technique of a Jedi Sentinel

    Davos has not yet developed any sources or restrictions but maybe all the hate for his uncle could prove good for his ability to fight?

    Alternate Form(s):

    Fighting Style:
    Preferred Weapon(s):
    Knowledge: 1/10

    Motivation: 3/10

    Will to Act: 2/10

    Agility: 2/10

    Force Control: 1/10

    Swordsmanship: 1/10

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: 1/10

    Piloting Skills: 0/10

    Offense: 1/10

    Defense: 1/10

    Social Skills: 4/10

    The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Vel (A small village in Lan Barrells lowlands region)
    Homeworld:Lan Barrell
    Jane Seaworth - Mother - Deceased
    David Seaworth - Father - Deceased

    Familial Background:
    The family lived a very basic life selling the tools they could spare and create to the village for what gold they could get, life was tough but they got by each week at a time, the mother worked a different occupation washing the clothes of the soldiers for what money she could, it was a terrible job and on some occasions she would return home bruised and bashed.

    Character Background:
    Davos grew up in a small village by the name of Vel resting at the lowlands of the planet of Lan Barrel, he spend the first 6 years of his life doing what most kids in his region were doing until he adopted the tradition of weapon creation or has his father was called a Blacksmith, he did this for about a year before the tragedy that haunts his life begun... (More will come later)

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    Age is way to old thats like early padawan ages
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    That's your age

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