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    The Character’s Familial/Birth Information

    Name: Andy Usca
    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Ferentina

    Birth Date: 10/31/BBY

    Homeworld: Naboo

    Tunca Tei Usca (Father, Deceased)
    Lucy Ona Usca (Mother, Deceased)
    Ian Harie Usca (Brother, Unkown)
    Lilly Selton Usca (Sister, Unkown)

    Familial Background:
    Homeworld of Naboo, Tunca and Lucy were very close together. Tunca was a local farmer, Lucy spends her time inside. They had 3 children, Ian Usca, Andy Usca, Lilly Usca. Ian was the oldest in the family, Andy was the middle child and Lilly was the youngest. They spend their time running around the field before having their meal. Until bright flash was happening around the orbit of Naboo. Large vessel landed near the village before they knew, bombardment were happening around the town. At the time, Ian, Andy, and Lilly were still out in the field playing. Once they heard an explosion, they ran back home to investigate only to find burning building they once called home. Droid Army captured the three children and split them. Ian and Lilly were together. Andy was transported to another building where CIS were using as FOB at the time.

    Character Background:
    Andy was prisoned by CIS until small forces of the Republic push they way to CIS forces. Republic was able to capture the FOB and rescue the prisoners. Master was leading the forces. Republic secured the building. The Jedi Master stop me and asked: "Do you know where the other prisoners are young one?". I reply "My... Brother Ian and my sister Lilly were taken somewhere else... They were heading toward the market..." Andy shed into tears. "It's okay young one, you'll see them soon. Troopers, I want scout squad move to the market, report back to us once they discover the CIS FOB location." Master said. "Yes, sir!" Trooper reply.
    Before the master leaves the building he senses something in the force, he scans the area and ending up looking at Andy. He walked over to him. "Young one, what your name?" Master asked. "My name is Andy." Andy reply. "Andy, you'll be coming with me. The force is strong with you." Master said. At the time Andy didn't understand why he has to follow the master or even understand the force. Andy nodded. LAAT Gunship landed near the building. "Follow Andy, we're heading back to venator," Master said. "But what about my siblings?" Andy asked. "As I said, you'll see them soon. Don't worry young one." Master said. Andy nodded. Trooper reported there was no sign of CIS FOB at the market. Ian and Lilly were nowhere to be seen. To this day, Andy searches for them until he finds them.

    About the Character
    Silent, too busy searching. Follows the Clone Troopers lead and guiding them to battles.

    Meditation and finds interest inside the Jedi Archives. Studying Naboo landscape.

    Taking out his Datapad and studying Naboo during training.

    Andy only goal is to find his siblings, Ian and Lilly.

    Rank: Master

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