Gunnery Sergeant 4419 Lez Mission Report: 4

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    Enter Clone Identification Number...

    [4419] Lez

    Accepted Welcome 4419 "Lez"

    [Lez] Mission Log #0153

    Called to briefing as usual, our mission was basically described as a hit and run infiltration on the CIS. We boarded the LAATs and hurried along as we knew that time was of the essence.

    upon reaching the surface and exiting the LAAT's the unit was already preparing for their assault on the CIS stronghold. Our mission was to storm the stronghold, hack & extract their computers of data and get out.

    All the soldiers moved as one unit, the CIS stronghold was stormed and crushed by our surprise attack. After wiping out all hostiles, ARC Troopers headed to the computers and started extracting data as the rest watched the walls of the stronghold.

    As data was being extracted, we encountered some resistance from the CIS but held them off. Once the data was extracted our troopers made a push for the evac zone. Zone was somewhat compromised but our numbers wiped the droid force and escaped, relatively unscathed.

    Once back on the Venator, the data was handed off to the appropriate parties. There was minor loss of life for our troopers. Mission was a complete success.

    Lez, Logging out

    -[Lez] 4419

    End of Log
    Logging Off...

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