Gunnery Sergeant 4419 Lez Mission Report: 3

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    [4419] Lez

    Accepted Welcome 4419 "Lez"

    [Lez] Mission Log #0149

    We called to mission briefing, O'Niner scurried us along to the LAATs fairly quickly as it was an evac mission for the civilians on planet below, their impending invasion from the CIS was imminent.

    We landed on planet to the sight of a small camp of civilians most of the other camps had already over-run. The GM's and our Jedi Commander, spread our forces along 2 fronts, west and south. Our forces encountered heavy resistance from the CIS in their attempt to over run the camp. GM's held our respective fronts we manned and suffered minor losses.

    To the North and East fronts on the other hand were met with heavy resistance, the civilians in the camp were caught in the cross fire of the battle and suffered major casualties along with the troopers.

    The first camps evac ended in a failure for our standards, but the soldiers weren't about to let that happen twice and marched on-towards the second site as the remnants of the first camp were extracted. Strengthened in their resolve, the soldiers brought their best efforts to the second camp, not wanting another slaughter to occur.

    GM's marched south with the other regiments to the second camp of civilians awaiting evac, we took position along the pipeline watching the east and south, the rest of the men took positions on the other fronts and held the camp until the shuttle arrived for their evac, the second camps evac was an outstanding success which resulted in no loss of civilian life.

    After extracting the civilians we retreated back to the Venator, their stay aboard was short lived as the CIS had sent a boarding party onto the ship in order to capture the remaining civilians. We deduced that perhaps one of the civilians was of significant importance for them to attempt boarding us. Their attack failed and we sent the civilians away to safety before they could capture them.

    The mission was a half success, we saved a lot of lives but more could have been saved.

    Lez, signing out.

    -[Lez] 4419

    End of Log
    Logging Off...

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