Engineer 2851 Birch

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    Full Name: CT 2851 Birch
    Known Alias’/Nicknames: 51, Lighthead (due to him dropping a light bulb on his head during training.)
    Previous Occupation: Clone Cadet
    Current Occupation: Republic Engineer
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic
    Hobbies: Playing around with circuits, upgrading items and experimenting with new designs.
    Alignment: Galactic Republic


    Mental State: Sane
    Mental Disabilities: N/A
    Likes (optional): Fellow Engineers, repair assignments, ground operations.
    Dislikes (optional): CIS (obviously), Droids (except Pit Droids when they assist him) and failing assignments (It gives him a substantial amount of disappointment.)


    Physical State: Healthy, but slightly less toned than other clones, due to his job not requiring too much physical exertion.
    Age: 10 (20 physically)
    Weight: 75 Kilograms
    Build: Lean, with some muscle mass.
    Disabilities: N/A

    Senior Foreman Muzza: Being his Engineer commander, Birch has grown to like Muzza, due to his competence in command and engineering. Muzza and Birch have a close friendship as they often work closely on many occasions.

    Journeyman Engineer Leo: Leo is Birch's engineering colleague, Birch has seen that Leo is competent, and a good engineer. Often many times, Birch finds himself working closely with Leo on repair assignments or ground operations.

    Journeyman Engineer Bloom: Birch and Bloom met each other as Clone Cadets, working together they both graduated and became Republic Engineers, they have been close ever since, performing many assignments together. Bloom's sense of humour amuses Birch and he often finds Bloom good company to be around.

    Commodore Stephen Palskies: Although having very limited experiences with Palskies, Birch naturally respects him, as he has proven himself and has become the leader of the Venator Birch is stationed in.

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    dude bloom died

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