Diary Entry #003

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    Commander Doom Signing in,

    ID: DoomedDog01

    Passcode: ****

    Dairy entry:
    All is good. Not much has changed since the prior entry yet I still felt it necessary to upload another. The Commander's meeting was a blast a lot of topics had been bought up and tended to, which is always good to see!
    Other than that everyone within the Unit is progressing well and showing some clear competence and discipline. Today Chatterbox conducted the first phase of his SGT tryouts which unfortunately he managed to fail (Kind of expected to be his first time, I do not think anyone has passed phase one in the first attempt anyway), he will have to try again in the next coming days. Besides that, we decided to name PVT 7311 we choose his name due to some of his attributes and visual effects.

    - 7311 is now known as, 7311 America.

    (OOC: The reasons behind this are due to his captain America sticker on his PAC3 and due to the fact @Kel'Thun is migrating to America in the future.)

    There will be a lot of change being implemented into my Unit Following Friday 9th, as I feel we have a base group of players and they are all ready to kick it up into the next Gear. I hope everyone can accept the change and adapt or it burdens me to say that I will have to let them go.

    At this given time I do not have much more to say or feel strongly enough to comment on so I will end this entry here.

    End Entry.

    Commander Doom Signs Out.
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