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    Commander Doom Signing in,

    ID: DoomedDog01

    Passcode: ****

    Data Entry:

    A lot has changed since prior Data update. More numbers and a few Promotions. I will Provide information regarding each troopers rank, numbers, and alias (if applicable). Before doing that, however, I would like to write about a certain troopers promotion to Sergeant. This Trooper had undergone his SGT tryouts which consist of the following:
    • Taking lead for a set amount of mission (minimum 3).
    • Pass a 19 point test in training cadets.
    • Show competence in a nominated aspect ie; Climb swep, RP, Breaching etc.
    Generally, these trials take up to three days and unfortunately Chatterbox failed one aspect which was the 19 point cadet training, so it extended it from three days - five days. but after undergoing the same test earlier this evening he passed with flying colors. After completion, he was instructed to report to bunks along with another of my troop known as Slaughter. And with a witness present, I could promote him from the rank of Specialist (SPC) to the rank of Sergeant (SGT). Some words of encouragement were given to Chatterbox as well as a Rank role information datapad to ensure he knows what is required of him as an SGT and he continues to show the qualities that got him to the rank in the first place (If he does not follow the guide he will be demoted from the rank of SGT all the way down to PVT where he will have to prove himself again). Very proud of him and look forward to seeing what comes of him once he hits his next major rank of Drill Sergeant (DSG).

    I almost Forgot, Tryouts were hosted today and we took on a single new member known as 2327 (Dapper). He will have a lot to learn and a lot to prove in the coming future. I wish him good luck within the Unit and I will ensure he does not mess up.

    Continuing on from that here is an updated list of all the troopers within
    Doom's Unit:


    Rank: Sergeant (SGT).
    Numbers: 7676.
    Alias: Chatterbox.


    Rank: Corporal (CPL).
    Numbers: 3046.
    Alias: Meatbag.


    Rank: Lance Corporal (LCP).
    Numbers: 5345.
    Alias: Oblivious.


    Rank: Lance Corporal (LCP).
    Numbers: 4842.
    Alias: Slaughter.


    Rank: First Class Private (FCP).
    Numbers: 1307.
    Alias: Yggdrasil.


    Rank: First Class Private (FCP).
    Numbers: ****.
    Alias: Loki.


    Rank: Private (PVT).
    Numbers: 2639.
    Alias: ---------


    Rank: Private (PVT).
    Numbers: 2327.
    Alias: ----------


    Rank: Private (PVT).
    Numbers: 2479.
    Alias: Screech.


    Rank: Private (PVT).
    Numbers: 7311.
    Alias: America.


    That will be all for this data entry.

    Note; This entry is for public use and will be handed off to CG so they can update the Database.

    End Entry.

    Commander Doom Signs out.

    (OOC: Here are some epic cool Pictures taken whilst on the server, shoutout to all the fellas in them + Yoda for appearing out of nowhere to take more pics.


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