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Discussion in 'Community Representative Applications' started by Magnus, Aug 9, 2018.

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    In game name:
    ARC Staff Sergeant A-76 Mapper, Senior Lieutenant Spectre, Jedi General Myagnus

    Teamspeak Name:

    How long have you been a part of Gateway?:
    A year and 10 months.

    Why do you wish to be a part of the CRC?:
    As I am no longer a staff member, I wish to have a say in server matters as a player. I have very strong feelings about a few things on the server that I know others agree with, so I want to address them in CRC meetings.

    What sets you apart from other candidates?:
    I have experience as an Admin and I am a Forum Mod, so I know how things work and if it's possible to do certain things. I believe I'm on good terms with most of the server as well.

    Do you feel that you are capable of having mature, respectful conversations with those who may completely disagree with your opinion?:
    Yes, I've had to do this as a staff member numerous times.

    How will you represent the players?:
    The same as all applicants say, voice player's opinions.

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    Few people disagree with your app, You have been known to mess around a bit. But this is CRC and we accept people from all friend groups :). But seriously I believe you would do what everyone else does in CRC. Bring up topics and discuss them in hopefully a respectful way. +1

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