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Discussion in 'Report a Staff Member' started by Beatroot, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Greetings all, your favorite Drunk Beatroot here again.
    Unfourtantly this time around I wants to shed a light on something I deem to be an issue and another something that has made me not want to play or contribute to the server recently. And something that makes it hard for some old members to return to the server.

    So for the first instance, I would like to say there was a toss-up between me and another player and By Mistake, I killed this person which lead them to report me for *RDM*. So anyway after enjoying myself playing the 4:30 event I got into this tussle with the other player and they reported me to the staff as mentioned earlier. Which resulted in me getting Warned for RDMx2 without being taken to a sit or informed in any way. Now this made me very upset as the issue had been a mistake and I said sorry to the other player and tried to explain what happened before getting spontaneously warned.
    Now why this is a problem is due to the server. The server is well established now it has been up for about 2 years and besides its erotic drama's does have some forms of ground rules and way things should be handled I know a time ago if this were too happen lets take it back 5 months to when I was staff, the staff member who would have done that would be in deep trouble and get a stern talking too, as it is a clear abuse of powers and goes against staffing rules that have been put in place to keep everything civil and in-check.
    Besides that, I was just upset because I had been arguing with the person the incident occurred and don't appreciate getting warned for something I didn't do only to have the warning removed after pressing the issue further.

    That is not the only reason I am here.
    The other Incursion happened briefly after I addressed the prior issue in a Sit and being falsely accused I was rather distraught and didn't like the Idea of being physgun handled by this young man.
    Anyway into the story now, I was walking around the ship passing through each section not really paying attention to anything. Now I did not pay attention to the sign at the time but the moment I stood into the hangar I was physguned and asked what I was doing. Although is a minor problem it still takes away from a lot of things RP wise and shows a clear display of power abuse. (s8ncatt doesn't even pick me up if I go somewhere I ain't supposed too). I do not see why people need to use their physgun on players unless it is to take them to a sit or remove them from a situation before taking them to a sit. (Plus a JM should not be staffing anyway, I remember when I was an EM if I were to handle a staffing situation they would get reeed at in admin chat).
    Although my tone was not good in the video I had just dealt with something else and at this point was upset so I let the young man know how I felt. Here is the video to match.

    I would like something to be done against these two prior staff members rather than just a talking too because the way the current staff team is I don't think words really matter anymore. I would like all staff and players to consider these minor issues as they happen on an almost daily basis (Lucky I decided to record some of it today), also these minor issues build up and up and create a bigger problem and I Know staff get away with too much on the server these days also. I would also like to point out another fact of when a player and although I have a lot of ULX and staffing experience under my belt had to tell a Senior Admin how to remove warns is quite embarrassing. The same issue occurred when I was staff and I had to inform those of ranks higher than me how to do things they should have known given their rank of Senior or above.

    I do not think the staffing team well half of the staffing team takes there role seriously or they take it for granted and misuse it. Although the issue mentioned above are only small they make for a bigger problem and contribute to what is known as bad staffing. I want to play the server sometimes and I want to come back, But I just can not bare to do it with things like this happening to me everytime I log on.
    Take the staffing team serious and those who already do are mostly in Power and should be enforcing staff rules and ensuring that their staff team is kept inline and are doing what they are supposed too.


    Thank you for your time reading this.

    (P.S Don't reply to this thread unless you read the whole way through it, I try to address all my points to the most depth I can and this is not a mod app that needs to be + or - 1'd. so only respond with proper context. Thank you.)
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    I’ll be talking to the two staff members tomorrow about the situation and dealing with the situation.

    I have locked this thread as no more replies are needed.
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