CAMPAIGN: Assault of Naitis

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    Campaign this Saturday. Starting in the afternoon through to 8:30pm
    Bring your blaster, pack lightsaber resistant underwear, a umbrella, and a spare set of armor


    # ... Entering alias
    # ... Alias accepted
    # ... Enter secret
    # ... Secret enabled
    # ... Access granted to clone database
    # ... Accessing file: Naitis Assault Notice :HIGH COMMAND:

    This is Rear Admiral Ricniros Falconsflight reporting a upcoming mission to high command as a recorded transmission, My advisors, Dalkin's, ARF team stationed on the Nova, Warrior people, planet of Naitis, Have finally found him, the Archstatagos known as silver, the leader of the Nova peoples war efforts and culture as a whole due to the planets war doctrine forming their entire society, This is what we know so far as a prebrief for any allowed to listen to this, for the upcoming planetary assault...

    1: Nova: Nova is the name this species have given itself, they are a warrior people, proud and bold, xenophobic, think clones are a abomination of nature, mandatory military service from early adolescence, lifetime service, no matter the circumstance, those unable to fight are killed. Allied with the CIS,

    2: Atchstatagos silver: Leader currently, not of the nova species, a ex-mandolorian secret service agent, ex deathwatch, maniac that beat the previous leader into submission, this leader is confirmed force sensitive, of nature unknown at the time. Requesting larger Jedi presence for this reason. Weapons, Pistol, Mandolorian. Shotgun, CIS. Lightsaber, Color unknown at time of transmission.

    3: Naitis: The planet we are assaulting, Capital of the Warrior people, yet not of industry or military, of people and of government though. Status: Blockaded by republic to stop supply runs, Currently in need of supplies from CIS, each military team being set in have their own missions.

    # ... Access granted to clone database
    # ... Accessing file: Naitis Assault Notice :Satanator missions:
    Assigned Advisor: Dalkin.
    1: Defense of home base in arctic of planet Naitis
    2: Assault of training facility within marshlands, expect local wildlife as their training methods are to: "Survive" the wilderness
    3: Assault outskirts of city via swampland, secure weapons facility and launch their own weapons against them, this is vital for other teams on planet.
    4: Assault capital city's outermost circle for teams 7 and 10 to move in
    Secondary objective: Eliminate Atrchstatagos Silver.

    -You are to return to home base Victory Yanky-10 or "Vyten" after each mission

    -Missions 1 and 3 are primary, you must finish these or all other forces will fall... Do not fail us troopers.
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