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    Full Name: CT-07/2558
    Known Alias’/Nicknames: Rein and "Rain"
    Previous Occupation: Clone Trooper
    Current Occupation: Non Commissioned Officer, Beta-Class ARC Trooper and 7th Sky Corps.
    Known Languages: Galactic Basic and Minor Mando'a
    Hobbies: Assisting his Brothers, Sniping/Battles, Training and Loving his DC-15A Scoped.
    Alignment: The Grand Army Of The Republic


    Mental State: Stable
    Mental Disabilities: N/A
    Likes: Hardt, Talking with fellow troopers, Marching around, Cleaning his DC-15A Scoped and Watching his Troopers successfully do something well.
    Dislikes: Bugs, Trandoshans, Droids, Tratiors and Quitters.


    Physical State: Slightly above normal clone due to free climbing skills
    Age: 12 (Clone Age)
    Weight: Slightly above normal clone due to muscles
    Build: Slightly above due to free climbing
    Disabilities: N/A

    Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend



    Rein and Hardt grew up together through cadet training, After Cadet training both joined 163th Wrecker Company and enlisted into "Reaper Squad" aka Squad Echo 4, Rein was close with all of his squad mates Hardt mostly, "Reaper Squad" was wiped out by an Trandoshan ambush and killed the other 4 troopers 6462 "Cracker", 1185 "Madman" 6666 "Scorpion" 2IC 5536 "Slasher" and the Sergeant of the squad 5476 "Silent", Rein and Hardt are the only ones to live to tell the story. Rein also respects Hardt as a Field Medic.

    Rein at first disliked Locus and stayed away from him when Hardt and his self were transfer to Locus' Regiment. But he grew to like Locus and view him as his third brother. Rein admired Locus' skills and wondered why he was never sent to "Reaper Squad". Maybe it was "Rein's" own good.
    Reaper Squad (Part From Hardt)
    Rein loved his squad with all of his heart and enjoyed doing missions with his squad, When he saw "Slasher" and "Cracker" die And Was in dread to see the death of his brothers so Rein and Hardt ran to cover behind a big rock, After grabbing cover "Madman" died shortly after them, Scorpion had gone into a fist Fight with one of the Trandoshans and was pushed and took an shotgun blast to the chest and quickly died after that. the Sergeant "Silent" put his hands up and got on his knees thinking his squad has died, the leader of the ambush walk up to the Sergeant and uppercutted his helmet off and sending him crashing down to the ground. The Trandoshan stomped on Silent's chest and shot him in the head, Rein and Hardt quickly jumped out of cover and killed off the ambushers, from this day forward Rein wears his Sergeant's helmet in his honour.

    Alpha-Class and Null-Class ARC Troopers

    "Rein" highly respects the Alpha and Null ARC Troopers. The ARC gave him his wish and training to become a ARC Trooper. They hardened him more for combat and training making him a respectful and skilled Trooper. He is happy to work with the Alpha and Null ARC on missions

    Phase Two Armour

    After "Rein" making it to Beta-Class ARC he had to equipped the prototype Phase Two armour. This angered him slightly as he had to abandon his helmet which belonged to his Squad Lead. Lucky for "Rein" he got the plating of the Helmet put to his Phase Two helmet. This made him more happy to wear the armour.

    A-16 "Jag"

    "Rein" enjoys "Jag's" company most of the times seeing as "Jag" was the ARC Trooper that trained Rein's batch the most. Allowing him to respect the ARC Trooper a lot. "Rein" does not know how "Jag" views him hoping he has done the ARC Troopers proud.

    7th Sky Corps

    "Rein" was very happy to be assigned to 7th Sky Corps as their Training Instructor and Beta-Class ARC Trooper. He seems to fit in with the Regiment just fine and trains them to further make the Regiment skilled and Elite.
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    ah yes I see you're a man of culture as well
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    Had to do it to them.
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    Have not made me proud...

    jk nah you been doing good and i am proud
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    nice work training the beta batch kelthun
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