A-44 Combat report (Background)

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    A muffled explosion was the first thing to reach Alpha-44's ears. His world spun around him as he soon felt the cool touch of the sturdy floor underneath him. His vision was blurred as he tried to shake clear the grogginess encapsulating his mind. In the distance he could hear the muffled shouting of people in a panic. Even in this state, A-44 could tell that there was a battle raging around him.

    As he continued to regain his wits, A-44 shakily tried to raise himself to his feet. It was the first time he looked around him and noticed the other Alpha-Class Commandos in the room also in the same situation. Soon enough, the first words he could understand cut through the ringing in his ears.

    "...s go!" Someone shouted out. A-44 glanced towards to where some of his brothers were already donning their armour and collecting their gear. A smirk appeared on his face as feeling properly began returning to his body. He flexed his fists for a moment before moving for his own equipment.

    By the time A-44 had finished strapping his armour on, most of the other Commandos had started moving out to support the defence of the city.

    "Move it! If we don't help in this fight, Kamino falls!" A voice shouted. "That means you 44!"

    A-44's head perked up at the mention of his designation, slipping his helmet on. The order came from A-04, who was in the process of collecting a couple of Commandos. The room was rocked as another explosion hit one of the nearby platforms was struck. This kicked everyone still in the room into gear. People rushed out, some with Jedi in tow, others to back up falling sectors. A-44 gripped the handle of his Z-6 and hauled it up, resting the rotary barrels against his shoulder as he turned to A-04 'Gulo'.

    "Where are we heading, Sir?" A-44 asked, the smirk on his his face evident in the tone of his voice.

    A-04 only glanced his way for a moment, before gesturing for their squad of four to move out.

    "Cargo platform C-22. If we manage to take that, the droid's direct line into the heart of the facility will be cut off," Gulo responded as they ran through the halls. They passed cadets and kids, running for safety. Unmarked clones running to sectors under assault. And yet despite the chaos, in this environment A-44 felt the most comfort. He knew that they were off to cause some real havoc.

    Their squad burst out from the facility into the pouring Kaminoan rain, and almost immediately a blaster bolt slammed into A-44's pauldron. The impact threw him back slightly, though there was no penetration on the shot, leaving A-44 with little more than a slight bruise underneath. A-04 and the squad paid little mind to the hit and continued forward, leaving A-44 a few steps behind.

    Just ahead of the squad was a line of clones, firing at a huge group of advancing droids. There behind the droids, was the hulking imposing figure of a lander, a dark silhouette against the cloudy skies of Kamino. The clones were doing their best to hold their line, but their inexperience and and lack of numbers meant they were fighting a losing battle. They also didn't have the benefit of anything that could effectively be called 'cover'. All that connected the platform from the facility, was a bridge, spanning about 200 metres.

    Before the squad of Commandos even reached the clone line, their weapons were raised and blasting at the mass of droids. Sparks and parts flew from the advancing horde as blaster fire spat both ways. Unmarked clones dropped still, but it almost seemed like the odds were evening. A-04, A-65, and A-21 landed each shot perfectly, dropping droids left and right. Still, the Separatists marched forward, intent on seizing the city and halting the production of clones.

    "Z-6, up front now!" A-04 shouted over the chaos, not once stopping to look back as A-44 pushed his way forwards through the line. He readied his stance and aimed the rotary cannon downrange. Squeezing the trigger, the barrels began to spin and a hail of bolts began to be spat at the encroaching droids. A-44 cackled as he slowly stepped forward, tearing through the enemy. More bolts slammed into his armour as he made himself the focus of the droid's assault, though he managed to shrug off most of them.

    A-44 and the squad of Commandos worked in perfect sync. Every time the Z-6's energy pack ran dry, A-44 would drop and the other three would bound over him, keeping up the constant pressing fire, much to the awe of the clones behind them. The squad continued to close the gap...100 metres...80 metres...60 metres, from the droid forces feeding out from the lander. One particular shot shredded A-44's pauldron clear from the rest of his armour, though still he fought on, weapon spinning and firing. Soon, the droid forces became lighter and lighter. More of the blasters being fired seemed to be those from republic troopers.

    The Commandos found themselves stepping on the platform itself, spreading out and scrapping the last of the droid attackers. Only after tearing down the last Super Battle Droid did A-44's rotary cannon finally stop spinning, the barrels red hot and smoking. With the shots in their sector finally ceasing, A-04's voice crackled over their comms.

    "Cargo platform C-22 is clear. Good work" He said, giving a nod to A-44 as both A-65 and A-21 moved in to clear the lander itself. A-44 turned his neck to the side, waiting until he felt the satisfying crack before lugging his Z-6 up against his shoulder once more. He allowed his gaze to turn up to the skies of Kamino, watching as the clouds lit up with the fire of the Republic fleet, engaging the now retreating Separatist assault fleet. Taking one last look around himself at the piles of scrap metal, A-44 couldn't help but smirk once more.

    This was going to be one fun fight.

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